Pierogies Plus

By | January 13, 2006

Pierogies Plus
342 Island Avenue
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
(412) 331-2224
Mon 11-6; Tues-Fri 11-7

Where do Sauerkraut Saul and Oliver Onion go to hang the hats after working at a Pirates game? Why, Pierogies Plus! Both awesome and strange, Pierogies Plus has about 14 Polish and Ukrainian ladies slaving away every day to make the best pierogies around. Forget Mrs. T’s – you’ll do a polka to get one of these babies tickling your taste buds.

First of all, they are plump – huge, even – in comparison to what you are used to. They are sold fresh, not frozen, and 4 of them in a little butter and onion makes a meal (unlike the 12 it would take for Mrs. T’s to be an adequate meal). Four of the flavors are always available: Potato and Cheese, Saurkraut and Potato, Cottage Cheese and Chives, and Meat. But there are also a variety of specialty pierogies that they make occasionally (I recently had the hot sausage pierogies and they were delish), or you can special order them at any time. These specialty flavors include more standard fare like jalapeño and potato or sauerkraut and kielbasa, but also ranges to some more exotic fillings, like ricotta and spinach (a la ravioli) and berries. They also sell haluski (buttered egg noodles with cabbage) that is pretty frackin’ delicious.

I would give only one warning: unless you really love butter, stay away from the butter and onion sauce that comes with the to-go hot pierogies. It literally fills the container to its maximum. Not only is it messy if you tilt the box – it’s just too much butter. It must be 3 sticks of butter per dozen! It is crazy – but also delicious as butter tends to be. I’ll be skipping it in the future though. Also, this place is very confusing to get to if you don’t know the area — google the address well, my comrades.

Finally, I feel obligated to say a word about the general atmosphere of this place. It is not a sit-down place (although there are picnic tables nearby for the summer months), and in fact, this operation is run out of a converted gas station. You park or drive in where the pumps were, and you deal with the counter-lady inside the little room where you might have paid the gas-man in an older station. Be prepared for a couple of “Bush is awesome” signs and a “choose life” pamphlet or two. There is usually someone in front of you in the small line inside, and the service is quite slow. But while you are waiting, you can check out their collection of funky pierogie themed décor, like the pierogie magnets and the string of pierogie Christmas lights. You can also peek over the door behind you to catch a glimpse of the pierogies in the process of being made.

So, the pierogies here are totally awesome (I end up bringing some to my family in Florida on every visit, that is how good), but it is best as a place for picking up a few dozen pierogies to heat up yourself later on. I sometimes see people more local to the area of McKees Rocks picking up a couple dozen hot pierogies as a quick family dinner, rather than pizza or McDonald’s, and that is especially nice to see. Overall, this place oozes Pittsburgh attitude – down-to-earth, straightforward, and full of pierogies! Or at least, Jalepeño Hannah thinks so!

Cheese and Potato pierogies
Specialty pierogies