Follow-up: Il Pizzaiolo

By | March 3, 2006

Il Pizzaiolo
703 Washington Rd
Mt Lebanon, PA 15228-2004
Phone: (412) 344-4123
Mon-Thu 12-10; Fri-Sat 12-11; Sun 12-9

Well we just went to Il Pizzaiolo again this week, and it’s like they read our review or something! In any case it seemed that way, as two very specific notes I had mentioned in my original First-Time Review were addressed on this particular trip. In that review, I mentioned that the soup of the day was an allowable substitute for salad but that the server never offers it. This time she did! Also in that review, I mentioned that they don’t bring you oil with your bread, but they will if you ask them. This time, she just brought it out preemptively, with a pile of parmesan on top. (I kind of prefer no oil, but of course I’ll eat it if it’s there!!) Maybe we just had a considerate and well-trained server, but in either case, consider this post my amendment to the original about the soup and the oil.

On this trip I got the Penne alla Vodka, which was especially superb this time, and Reed got a Pizza Margherita! Hooray! I told you we’d start getting pizzas sooner or later! Pizza Margherita is a simple pizza composed of fresh San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh basil leaves, and large dots of fresh mozzarella. It is exquisite in its simple preparation, and I thought the crust of Reed’s pizza was particularly delightful. Chewy on the inside, slightly crusty on the outside, and the interaction of the sauce with the crust was just perfect (in my best-of-all-worlds that interaction would be a complete melding between the two so that it is hard to make the distinction of where one ends and the other begins – like they were always meant to be together). I see more pizza adventures in my future, as I’ve got my eye on an eggplant pie….

(PS – In case you are unaware, the pizza here is not the typical American style pizza, but rather a more Italian style pizza. There is far less cheese on most of them, and they are in general simpler. You can get one without any cheese at all! Or if you’re all about the cheese, they offer a good-lookin’ four cheese pizza as well. You can get sausage, eggplant, proscuitto and other items as toppings. Because the pizzas are lighter, you may want to augment your meal with an appetizer or soup/salad when splitting your pie with another person.)