Happy Gobblers Day!

By | November 22, 2006

This is just a quick message to say Happy Gobbler Day!  It seems fitting that TastyBurgher post a special message about Thanksgiving, because it is on this holiday that we stuff our faces with good home cookin’ just for the sake of the food.  We get all of our most favorite autumn treats and whip them up into one giant fantastic meal, and after a brief pause of reflection we delve in!  Some reflect on their thankfulness, others on how delicious the glistening turkey will be, taking a last deep breath before the feast.  It is a holiday born of a love for food, even in the old Pilgrims and Indians story, and so my stomach and I give it special treatment.  This year, I’ll be savoring creamed pearl onions at my In-Laws Thanskgiving table, and I’ll be sorely missing the potato dishes and jell-o concoctions of my own family.  Fortunately, I get to switch every year, but there was a time when I was in college and didn’t get to go back home for Thanksgiving.  May there be a few of you out there who are stuck all alone in Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving this year?

My first year alone in the ‘Burgh for the holiday, I found that almost nothing was open!  I remember taking a cab with another girl who stuck around and trying to get to a restaurant in the Strip.  Turns out it wasn’t open, so we walked by dozens of closed restaurants on our way Downtown where there was a hotel with a turkey dinner, but it was waaaaaay too expensive.  We grabbed a cab back to campus, but we ran out of money somewhere around Oakland.  On the trudge back home, we found UniMart open (the one that was on the corner of Craig and Forbes, but which is now a CharBucks) and they had a turkey pot pie in the freezer – but just one!  We pooled our remaining money and took it back to the dorm for one of the crappiest Thanksgivings ever.
The next year, I at least had my then-boyfriend around.  We fed some turkey to some old folks, and then found ourselves eating dinner with a group of strangers who had stayed on campus.  I got my fill this time, but it wasn’t a cozy Thanksgiving at all.  There was an awkward vibe, but also Thanksgiving dinner just wasn’t quite the same coming out of a steamer tray in Donner Hall.  My junior year, I was determined to really find something special, but still all I got was Gullifty’s.  I know I am usually raggin’ on Gullifty’s, but they did have turkey dinner this one time and really came through for me.  It wasn’t the best Thanksgiving fare, but I won’t forget that they were there for me when I needed them.

The next year I wised up and spent the damn $200 on a plane ticket to Florida.

So what should you do in Pittsburgh if you are stuck this year?  I have no idea, BUT!  If you feel like eating your Thanksgiving a day early, I urge you to head to MAD MEX!  They have the most amazing thing called a GOBBLER-ITTO today (Wednesday, day before Thanksgiving), as well as Cranberry Margaritas.  The gobbler-itto is what you might expect – turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and stuffing, wrapped in a tortilla, and served with a side of cranberry sauce and gravy for dipping.  MMM!  It is DIVINE!  You must have it!  Today is the last day, GO GO GO!  Also the cranberry margaritas are delicious too!  Try it, you won’t regret it – just remember to say “Rub-a-dub-dub, Thanks for the grub” before you dig in.

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