About TastyBurgher

Welcome to TastyBurgher! Thanks for reading my personally-biased yammerings-on about eating food at restaurants. Somewhere around 2004-2006, co-workers and friends started taking to asking me for culinary itineraries for their visiting parents and friends. I delighted in providing such a thing, and gave uber-details about every place I suggested. This got to be a pretty regular service, and after a while some people were calling me “the Concierge”. However, I provided so many details in my reviews that after a couple years and increased demand I found that my rudimentary methods were inefficient and decided I should just write up all the places in a more permanent fashion and make them accessible to everyone. Want an itinerary for gma? I’ll make one and you can read about the places on my website! Or, better yet, you can use the mediocre Restaurant Finder on the side bar to narrow down the choices on your own. This begat TastyBurgher in all its glory, shared for anyone to read.

Just as a disclaimer: These reviews are written as my personal experiences with the food I am eating, and are in no way actually professional. Just one person’s reaction. You and I might have different tastes from each other, and I think that is OK. Also, I have kind of a stick up my ass for the intersection of food deliciousness with affordability, so that is a common theme. If a place isn’t as good as its price or its self-purported quality, that scores major minuses in my book. Additionally, I highly favor mom-n-pop places, so you won’t find no Cheesecake Factory review on this site, nosiree. And especially not a PF Chang’s review (ever notice that those big stone horses in front have giant heart shaped butt plugs??? Turn around and look next time – it is totally true! SO unappetizing…). Other than those two factors, just about anything goes.

And now for an exciting promo: I am in the midst of putting together a sister site, so get your event horizon ready for TravelBurgher, a site for reviews of restaurants in other parts of the country and abroad.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy it and definitely leave comments if you like!