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Quiet Storm

By | December 9, 2010

Quiet Storm 5430 Penn Ave Garfield 15206 (412) 661-9355 (has menus!) M, W-Sat: 9-9; Sun 10-4; Closed Tuesday As long as I am writing up places that requested my opinion, I think I will finally get around to Quiet Storm. Jill from Quiet Storm actually wrote to me many moons ago, in 2006, requesting […]

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Eat’N Park

By | August 22, 2006

Eat’N Park Everywhere and all the time. Check: So today, worlds collided: my coworker Rich W. discovered that I write TastyBurgher, and I discovered that he reads it. Hurrah! I love to meet my TastyReaders! I asked him for all kinds of feedback, and he wondered why, with all the other Pittsburgh-centric reviews, had […]

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The Grand Concourse

By | July 7, 2006

The Grand Concourse 100 W Station Square Dr Station Square, 15219 412-261-1717 M-F 11:30-2:30 & 4:30-10; Sat 4:30-11; Sun: 10:30-2:30 The Grand Concourse is a truly unique establishment.  For me, the Sunday Brunch is the real draw to the Grand Concourse, and if you’ve gone to the Grand Concourse you most likely went for that.  […]

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The Café at the Frick

By | June 21, 2006

The Café at the Frick 7227 Reynolds Street Point Breeze, 15208 412-371-0600 Tu-Sun: Lunch11-5; Tea 2:30-5 This place is bombasticular! No seriously, it’s rockin’ like dokken. It’s in the zone, off the hook, over the wall, and under the radar. In other words, it’s a quiet little spot with bitchin’ food that doesn’t get the […]

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The Bagel Factory

By | June 8, 2006

The Bagel Factory Locations in Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, Blawnox, and now Schenley Plaza in Oakland (see bottom of article for addresses/phone#s) Finding your bagel place is tricky. Usually it boils down to whatever is closest to your place of residence – I mean, all bagels are the same, right? No! They are totally not the […]

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Follow-up: Gypsy Café (Dinner)

By | April 24, 2006

Gypsy Café 1330 Bingham Street Southside. Pittsburgh. PA 412.381.GYPSY (4977) Sunday Brunch 12-4 For dinner hours, check: I have a previously posted review for Gypsy Café in which I detail the consistent deliciousness of their brunches, but where I also make a statement about their dinner dishes, which I found to be fairly boring.  […]

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By | April 11, 2006

Zenith 86 S 26th St South Side, 15203 412.481.4833 W-Sat: 11-9; Sun 11-3 It is hard to be a vegan.  I myself am not one, but I watch friends struggle as they try to find a bite of eat out on the town.  Not many places can say they have a vegan option.  You can […]

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Coca Café

By | April 3, 2006

Coca Café 3811 Butler St Lawrenceville   15201 412-621-3171 T-F 7-3, Sat 8-4, Sun 10-3 I’m going to do something I don’t normally do: be straightforward.  Coca Café is one of my new favorite breakfast huts in town.  Not only is it cheap and delicious, but the menu has all sorts of items covering a little […]

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Point Brugge Café

By | March 1, 2006

Point Brugge Café 401 Hastings Street Point Breeze 412-441-3334 T-Sat 11am-10pm; Sun Noon-9pm There was a time not too long ago when I really discovered the wonderful neighborhood of Point Breeze. I never knew there was that strip of shops on Reynolds or the few dotted along the pathway to Frick Mansion. I’d already been […]

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Square Café

By | February 7, 2006

Square Café 1137 S. Braddock Ave Regent Square, 15218 412-422-8002 T-Sun 7am-3pm; Dinner: Fri & Sat 5pm-10pm We discovered the Square Café, located in the quaint business district of Regent Square, soon after it opened. It seemed like we heard the buzz from everywhere. My friend Rachel B’s ultimate Frisbee team was being sponsored by […]

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