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Leena’s Food

By | August 17, 2006

Leena’s Food “World’s Best Falafel” 121 Oakland Ave Oakland, 15213 412-682-1919 M-F: 10-10; Sat 10-? (will close early if it’s slow) Let me ask you: How often is there truth in advertising? Especially when the advertisement is so in your face? I mean, Gullifty’s doesn’t really have the best desserts, Thighmasters don’t really shape your […]

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Alexander’s Pasta Express

By | July 11, 2006

Alexander’s Pasta Express 5104 Liberty Ave Bloomfield, 15224 412-682-9824 M-Th: 11-10:30; F-Sat: 11-11; Sun: 11-10 Restaurants with a gimmick rarely appease, and Alexander’s is no exception.  Their gimmick is a choose-your-own-pasta with a choose-your-own-sauce with a choose-your-own-toppings menu, but the result is only ever the sum of your choices.  They also have an entrée menu […]

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Sushi Kim

By | July 7, 2006

Sushi Kim 1241 Penn Ave Strip, 15222 412-281-9956 Tu-Th: 11:30-10; F-Sat: 11:30-11; Sun: 12-9 Sushi Kim is two things: Sushi and Kim (where ‘Kim’ = ‘Korean food’). The sushi had a time and a place in my life, but frankly it isn’t all that great. I hear tell from native Koreans that the Korean dishes […]

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Thai Me Up

By | July 6, 2006

Thai Me Up 1925 E Carson St South Side, 15203 412-488-8893 M-Th: 11-10; F-Sat: 11-10:30 Here’s the scenario.  You are hungry.  You feel like Thai food.  You don’t have very much money.  You like authenticity.  You are in the South Side.  You go west.  You look around you.  You are across the street from a […]

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Spice Island Tea House

By | June 21, 2006

Spice Island Tea House 253 Atwood St Oakland, 15213 412-687-8821 M-Th: 11:30-9; Fri-Sat: 11:30-10 We are blessed with many pan-asian restaurants in Pittsburgh. Blessed, I tell you! There are so many Pad Thai’s in this city that I haven’t even tried them all! Not even close! Of course, I always hear little hints, like ‘don’t […]

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The Café at the Frick

By | June 21, 2006

The Café at the Frick 7227 Reynolds Street Point Breeze, 15208 412-371-0600 Tu-Sun: Lunch11-5; Tea 2:30-5 This place is bombasticular! No seriously, it’s rockin’ like dokken. It’s in the zone, off the hook, over the wall, and under the radar. In other words, it’s a quiet little spot with bitchin’ food that doesn’t get the […]

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La Feria

By | May 19, 2006

La Feria 5527 Walnut St Shadyside, 15232 412-682-4501 M-Sat: 11-10 YUM!  La Feria is my favorite treat ever.  La Feria specializes in bringing Peruvian culture to Pittsburgh.  Hot Damn, we are a lucky city!  Look at all the ethnic places we have available to us: Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian (Northern and Southern), Korean, Ethiopian, Argentinean, Mediterranean, […]

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By | May 12, 2006

Kiku Station Square, 15219 412-765-3200 Lunch: Tu-Sun: 11:30-2:00 Dinner: Mon-Th: 5-10; F & Sat: 5-11; Sun: 5-10 Kiku is a Japanese restaurant in Station Square.  Suffice it to say, Station Square is not really my ‘style’, so I never thought I’d find a place to go there that I thought worthwhile.  That is, besides the […]

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Greek Food Festival (St.Nicholas)

By | May 5, 2006

Greek Food Festival St.Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral 419 S Dithridge St Oakland, 15213 412-682-3866 (phone) 412-683-4960 (fax orders, lunch only) May 7th – 12th Sun: Noon-8; M-Th: 11-2 & 5-9; Fri: 11-2 & 4-10 It’s that time of year again!  A harbinger of good weather and fun times, the Greek Food Festival is upon us.  […]

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By | April 14, 2006

Kaya 2000 Smallman St Strip District, 15222 412-261-6565 M-W 11:30-10; Thurs-Sat 11:30-11; Sun 12-9 OK, so I don’t like Kaya. I’m not saying their food is putrid, or that their atmosphere is not delightful, but I think I have decided I don’t like it. I realize that everyone else in the world loves Kaya, but […]

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