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Primanti Bros.

By | November 16, 2006

Primanti Bros. Locations and hours: click here OK – it is finally time to write about Primanti’s.  All you people out there who don’t like it….I’m not even listening.  Yep, Erika is about to go into major rant mode, and if you can’t handle the extremeness of it then you better get out of the […]

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Crazy Mocha

By | October 20, 2006

Crazy Mocha For locations and hours, check: Ahhh….to be a dancing goat!  Spending idyllic hours frolicking in the meadows, high on caffeine while their shepherd drifts away in an unaware sleep.  Nibbling on little buzzing berries all the livelong day, with their freaky horizontal pupils.  Doing continuous backflips over fences, with their backward facing […]

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Mexico City

By | August 10, 2006

Mexico City 111 Smithfield Street Downtown, 15222 412-391-2591 M-F: 11-8pm; Sat: 11-4pm Just as I was prepping to write about Taco Loco — along comes Mexico City. You’ve all heard me complain about the abysmal state of affairs in regards to the availability of tasty Mexican food in Pittsburgh. It is no surprise to me […]

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The Grand Concourse

By | July 7, 2006

The Grand Concourse 100 W Station Square Dr Station Square, 15219 412-261-1717 M-F 11:30-2:30 & 4:30-10; Sat 4:30-11; Sun: 10:30-2:30 The Grand Concourse is a truly unique establishment.  For me, the Sunday Brunch is the real draw to the Grand Concourse, and if you’ve gone to the Grand Concourse you most likely went for that.  […]

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Thai Me Up

By | July 6, 2006

Thai Me Up 1925 E Carson St South Side, 15203 412-488-8893 M-Th: 11-10; F-Sat: 11-10:30 Here’s the scenario.  You are hungry.  You feel like Thai food.  You don’t have very much money.  You like authenticity.  You are in the South Side.  You go west.  You look around you.  You are across the street from a […]

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By | May 12, 2006

Kiku Station Square, 15219 412-765-3200 Lunch: Tu-Sun: 11:30-2:00 Dinner: Mon-Th: 5-10; F & Sat: 5-11; Sun: 5-10 Kiku is a Japanese restaurant in Station Square.  Suffice it to say, Station Square is not really my ‘style’, so I never thought I’d find a place to go there that I thought worthwhile.  That is, besides the […]

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Follow-up: Gypsy Café (Dinner)

By | April 24, 2006

Gypsy Café 1330 Bingham Street Southside. Pittsburgh. PA 412.381.GYPSY (4977) Sunday Brunch 12-4 For dinner hours, check: I have a previously posted review for Gypsy Café in which I detail the consistent deliciousness of their brunches, but where I also make a statement about their dinner dishes, which I found to be fairly boring.  […]

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By | April 11, 2006

Zenith 86 S 26th St South Side, 15203 412.481.4833 W-Sat: 11-9; Sun 11-3 It is hard to be a vegan.  I myself am not one, but I watch friends struggle as they try to find a bite of eat out on the town.  Not many places can say they have a vegan option.  You can […]

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By | April 3, 2006

Ibiza 2224 E Carson St South Side        15203 412-325-2227 M-Sat 4pm-2am I’ll tell you straight up, I am a tapas-skeptic.  Every time I have them, the portion is too small and the price too high, leaving both the stomach and the wallet too empty.  They might be delightfully delicious, but most of the time I […]

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Piper’s Pub

By | February 27, 2006

Piper’s Pub 1828 E Carson St South Side, 15203 412-381-3977 M-Sat 11am-2am (kitchen@11); Sun 11am-Midnight (kitchen@10) My favorite time to go to Piper’s Pub is after an unsuccessful fishing trip in the canoe.  I simply MUST have the fried fish I was fantasizing about all day!  And since their fish and chips is grand (complete […]

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